はてなブックマーク - [FAQ]2D(2.5D)格闘を作ることは出来ますか?
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[FAQ]2D(2.5D)格闘を作ることは出来ますか?Project [ EF-12 ]








Can I make 2D(2.5D)Fighting system?

Someone might say “Well, okay, just remove side step,” But other peeps may require all kinds of popular game systems be in place: reverse pose for right side of screen,zero Angle view, draw character in front of UI and more… It’s impossible to say “This is 2.5D”

As a result, EF-12 is built as a pure 3D fighting game engine. As a result, it’s not appropriate for a 2.5D system. However, if you’re okay with the specifications listed below, feel free to use EF-12 as a 2.5D engine.

Fit or not list

Remove side step:possible
Draw characters in front of UI:impossible
2D arena:impossible
Pin all move on only XY plane:possible but hard
Stage limitation:On our To-do list
hit stop efect: possible
Assist character:Possible for momentary appearance, but sustained and controllable assist characters are not supported.
Cut in effect possible
reverse draw when character stand 2P side:impossible
cell shading:possible
Animation object in stage:On our To-do list
Animal or unusually shaped non-human characters: Possible
Auto-turn when opponent move behind character:possible
zero angle camera view:impossible

Check the list and see if this meets your 2.5D fighting game needs.

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